Clinton Anderson's original, one-hour long Downunder Horsemanship TV show is comprised of the most exciting, original content, filmed on location at top ranches and at Clinton's Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, TX.
RFD-TV (U.S.): Tuesday 2PM & 10PM (ET) and Sunday 3PM (ET)
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How It's Made: Behlen Round Pens
This episode finds Clinton in Nebraska visiting Behlen Manufacturing Company. Going behind the scenes, Clinton takes an active role in learning how the company operates and produces its livestock equipment, including the Clinton Anderson Round Pen. Founded in 1936, Behlen is a global distributor, exporting its product to more than 70 countries. When Clinton moved to Stephenville, Texas in 2008, he relied on Behlen to help build his state-of-the-art Downunder Horsemanship Ranch.
2-Year-Old Performance Horses
Clinton takes viewers behind-the-scenes of his Clinton Anderson Performance Horse Program. A passionate reining and reined cow horse competitor, Clinton breeds and trains horses with world-class potential at his ranch in Stephenville, Texas. In this episode, Clinton works with his 2-year-old futurity prospects, demonstrating the training involved to prepare a horse to compete on a world stage. Owners of the performance horses share their expectations and why they believe in the program Clinton has created.
When Clinton began using Vetericyn on his horses and pets several years ago, he was amazed by the results and quickly developed a partnership with the company. Join the clinician as he tours Vetericyn and learns how the company operates and maintains its high standard of quality.
Top 10 Countdown: #10 Riding Group Dynamics
When Clinton learned of the Nor Cal Downunder Brumbies, an active group of Method-followers in California, he decided to send Professional Clinician Shana Terry to one of their meet-ups to provide instruction and some extra motivation. In this episode, Shana helps the group with groundwork and riding exercises. Since the Nor Cal Downunder Brumbies are made up of a variety of horsemen and horses - some are experienced and some are just starting out - you'll see everything from how to correct mistakes to fine-tuning your technique and executing an exercise at the "A" level. The lesson is a great insight into the Fundamentals exercises and motivation to get involved with (or start!) a group in your area.
Top 10 Countdown: #9 The Phoenix
Just when Kerri Hall is beginning to bond with her rescue mare Kitty, tragedy strikes. A wildfire destroys Kerri's home and leaves Kitty traumatized and terrified of human touch. The show chronicles how Clinton uses the Method to regain the mare's trust in the span of four days. The moment Kerri is finally able to reconnect with her beloved mare is moving and a testament to the results the Method produces, no matter the circumstances.