Clinton Anderson's original, one-hour long Downunder Horsemanship TV show is comprised of the most exciting, original content, filmed on location at top ranches and at Clinton's Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, TX.
RFD-TV (U.S.): Tuesday 2PM & 10PM (ET) and Sunday 3PM (ET)
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Top 10 Countdown: #3 Feats of Clay
Clinton works with country music star Clay Walker to start Clay's 2-year-old colt. From essential groundwork exercises to the first ride, this episode covers all of the important steps Clinton takes to prepare a young horse for his under saddle career.
Top 10 Countdown: #2 Overcoming Fear of an Aggressive Horse
While Jetta was always dominant and pushy, she and her owner Mackenzie Davis got along well enough until the mare savagely attacked Mackenzie's mom, knocking her to the ground and leaving her with 14 stitches and multiple abrasions. After the attack, Mackenzie lost all confidence around her horse. Realizing the humans around her were fearful of her, Jetta's dominant behavior spiraled out of control until Mackenzie and her mom couldn't even step foot in her run without the mare charging them. Clinton uses the Method to gain Jetta's respect and gives Mackenzie the skills she needs to be a leader for her mare.
Top 10 Countdown: #1 Running Scared
When experienced horseman Kim Powers runs out of knowledge on how to handle a tough training case, Clinton comes to her rescue. What he finds is a 4-year-old gelding named Jack who is extremely dominant. Although Jack has chased Kim out of the roundpen on a number of occasions, Clinton quickly turns the tables on the gelding using the Method. Focusing on moving Jack's feet forwards, backwards, left and right and always rewarding the slightest try, Clinton earns his respect and works with Kim to be an effective leader for the horse.